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Deploy node.js website on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) App Engine

Create a project. Install Google Cloud SDK Add app.yaml file to the project directory. In the file written: In terminal, type Go to the directory in terminal. Enter A domain ( will be assigned.  Go to App Engine Setting -> … Continue reading

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Statistics Note

Hoeffding’s inequality: set the lower and upper bounds of confidence interval for a bounded random variable. The inequality holds for both large and small sample. Check MIT 18.650 Lecture Note Page 27. Slutsky’s theorem: replace theoretical mean with empirical mean in … Continue reading

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Python Note

0.02 multiplier 0.02 * 35 = 0.7000000000000001 2*35/100 = 0.7 round: Python 3 used bankers rounding round(2.5) = 2 round(2.5 + 1e-10) = 3 round(1.5) = 2

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Master Referral Thread

Updated on: 08/17/17 Travel Uber: $5 off each of first 4 rides Referral Code: chig Referral Link: Lyft: $10 free credit Referral Code: CHI576689 Referral Link: Via ride sharing: $10 credit Referral Code: chi5j7 Android Download,  iOS Download … Continue reading

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INT_MAX and INT_MIN in Python In Python 2.x, one can use sys.maxint In Python 3.x, it is sys.maxsize Use float float(‘inf’) float(‘-inf’)

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Add All Amex Offers in One Second

Update: multiple tabs don’t work perfectly with this method. It may fail to load some offers. Add the offers you are to use manually if you are using multiple tabs. In Chrome, log into your account and load all offers. If … Continue reading

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Got back to use windows… Use putty ssh to Unix server. Tab completion, up-down arrow history are not working. I thought the putty configuration is not correct.  One hour tuning the config, not working. Then I realized maybe the shell … Continue reading

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