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run firefox on a remote Linux server

I have a python script which opens firefox. I can ssh to my mac and run the script without issue. But when I ssh to the raspberry pi 2 (running Ubuntu Mate 15.04) and try to run the script, it … Continue reading

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Create a record of the installed libraries in a text file (requirements.txt). Dude I should have known it before… $ pip freeze > requirements.txt     Better method: use pipreqs   $ pipreqs /path/  

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directory size and count of files

List the size of current directory and its subdirectories du -ch List the size of current directory and suppress the reports of its subdiectories du -sh Count number of current directory files/subdirectories and total files in all subdirectories echo * … Continue reading

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MITBBS archive log

05/05/15 My iMac disk space is also used up. Moved the mysql data file (/usr/local/mysql/data) to external hard drive  (/Volumes/diskname/MysqlData/data) close mysql server sudo cp -R /usr/local/mysql/data /Volumes/diskname/MysqlData/. In /usr/local/mysql/my.cnf, add “datadir =  /Volumes/diskname/MysqlData/data” restart mysql server The drawback is … Continue reading

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